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Treatment Plants

Small to Medium Plants

  • Small activated sludge plants

  • Oxidation ditch

  • Ponds

  • Solutions for today’s wastewater problems

LWS WIll take care of YOUR Wastewater Treatment Facility:

  • LWS will perform the routine weekly, monthly and annual operating maintenance services as per the Wastewater Treatment Facility “Operating Checklist” enclosed.

  • Routine operations adjustments to maintain plant effluent quality, such as chlorine contact chamber, proper color, odor, scum build-up, etc.

  • Monitor and report effluent ph. and chlorine residuals.

  • Operations and maintenance records kept to document facility operations, with plant visits by a state licensed LWS operator.

  • Operational reports, lab results and PM reports will be kept to document facility status and will be emailed on a monthly bases.

  • NPDES testing and reports to EPA and Dept. of Environmental Quality.

  • Report and file DMR quarterly, based upon NPDES permit issued to the City.

  • Attend scheduled meeting with the City or Engineer and promptly respond to all correspondence.

  • Ensure the general housekeeping and building and grounds appearance is maintained in a clean and orderly manner.

  • Provide emergency response and respond to such emergency calls within one hour from the time of receiving notification or as reasonable under the particular circumstances of the emergency. Emergency service shall be 24 hours per day; 7 days a week.

Treatment Plants: Services
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